Parts Book

The parts books follow the plan of the original factory parts books, grouping all relevant parts into general categories. Original part numbers are used for all original-equipment parts.


 Part number MB-1 for Mini

 Part number MB-3 for Morris Minor

Nearly all available parts are illustrated; use the illustration reference number to find the Part Number, description and price, verify the application, and determine the quantity required. Items without specific application information are generally suitable for all models. (N/S = not shown.) Original British terminology is used throughout the books for consistency. Left-Hand (L/H) and Right-Hand(R/H) are always from the driving position. Other common abbreviations: LHD = left-hand drive; RHD = right-hand drive; NLA = no longer available; NYA = not yet available.

Note that each page of the books has an issue number. When changes warrant a new page, you will be sent a new issue, thus insuring that your Mini or Morris Parts book is always current.

Order a parts book

Price $10.00 US

Call 1-585-434-3492

or e-mail Mini City with your request and credit card info. (Visa, MC, Amex, Discover)

Be sure to include the appropriate part number for the parts book you want. (see above)

Web-based parts ordering

Enabling the on-line ordering of any one of the thousands of parts we stock is a huge undertaking, encompassing establishing a database complete with pictures, links to our inventory system, and the creation of a web-based order system. We don't feel that an automated system could begin to provide the hands-on customer service that our long-experienced and knowledgeable staff currently provides. We're working on getting the parts books on-line, though.

Parts quote

If you have a parts book, and would like to get a quote on prices and availability but don't want to do it over the phone, fill out our new Parts Quote Request, and we'll get back to you within the day (or at least as soon as we can, given the occasional e-mail delays.)

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