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Mini City Sweatshirts


50/50 Cotton/Polyester with soft fleece lining. Available in White, Yellow, Gold or Grey.

  • Sizes S-M-L-XL SALE $19.95
  • Size XXL SALE: $20.95
  • Size XXXL SALE: $21.95

Note: Limited sizes and colors, only while supplies last.

Phone order #: 1-800-933-MINI (6464)



Full 10-ounce white stoneware mug with Morris crest in red, white and blue.

Part number: 2579

Phone order #: 1-800-933-MINI (6464)

Mini Locking Door Handle Set


New original-equipment chrome door handles for all Mk1 Minis thru 1966. Keyed alike, supplied with chrome escutcheons and 2 keys.

Part number: 1342

Phone order #: 1-800-933-MINI (6464)

Uni-Syn Multiple Carburetor Synchronizer


Necessary to balance the air flow through multiple carbs.

Part number: MT-350

Phone order #: 1-800-933-MINI (6464)

Connecting Rod Set (4)


For Mini 850-997 and Morris Minor 803-948.

Part number: 12A1626/7

SALE (reg. 200.) $99.95/SET
Phone order #: 1-800-933-MINI (6464)

Chrome Gas Cap


Standard cap for all Minis except post-1975 with tangs on outside of filler neck.

Part number: 18G 8601

Phone order #: 1-800-933-MINI (6464)

Locking Gas Cap


Cheap insurance against tampering and theft. Supplied with two keys (keyed alike for twin tanks at no extra charge).

Part number: MA-301

Phone order #: 1-800-933-MINI (6464)



Original factory brackets attach securely to two head nuts or valve cover cap nuts, loop a chain through the slots and lift a complete power unit easily.

Part number: 12A 1968

Phone order #: 1-800-933-MINI (6464)

Morris Minor Oil Pan Hardware Set


“Sump” fastener kit, for all Morris Minor engines, includes 14 each of proper bolts, lock washers and oval flat washers.

Part number: 2232

Phone order #: 1-800-933-MINI (6464)

Manifold Gaskets


  • Standard-----GEG 601 $6.95
  • Competition-----GEG 602 $11.95

Phone order #: 1-800-933-MINI (6464)

Alloy Valve Cover


Bright polished aluminum cover with chrome cap will dress up any A-series engine. Uses standard hardware.

Part number: GAC4068

Phone order #: 1-800-933-MINI (6464)

Original “Paddy Hopkirk” Throttle Pedal Extension


Facilitates “heel & toe” driving on all pre-1976 Minis (fits all Morris Minor and 1100/1300 cars also).

Part number: 3301

Phone order #: 1-800-933-MINI (6464)



English-made Hardura (semi-rigid felt with textured black coating on one side) with cloth tie straps, 9 sewn-in compart-ments hold a variety of hand tools, opens to 13" x 16".

Part number: ACA5215

SALE $39.00
Phone order #: 1-800-933-MINI (6464)



Fine English coach leather fob with small full color cloisonne emblem, 7/8" key ring

Part number: 2508

SALE (reg. 6.95) $4.95
Phone order #: 1-800-933-MINI (6464)

MG 1100 Shift Knobs


Finest quality solid walnut or black leather knobs feature cloisonnŽ enamel emblems in red and black over chrome, generous size for sure grip, threaded insert for secure fitting. Made in USA.

  • Walnut------8226-83 $16.95
  • Leather------8326-83 16.95

Phone order #: 1-800-933-MINI (6464)

Oil Pressure Gauge Pipe, Gauge to Engine


Tough nylon capillary tube replaces original 3-part setup. Extra length, easily shortened, for easy routing. End nuts and fibre washers included.

Part number: HF2200

Phone order #: 1-800-933-MINI (6464)

On Sale
Golf/Polo Shirts


With embroidered logo. Olive, Grey and Green colors available in limited sizes, only while supplies last.

SALE $20.00
Phone order #: 1-800-933-MINI (6464)

Multiple SU Carb Tuning Tools


A handy set of special tools and instructions for perfectly synchronizing multiple SU's.

Part number: MT-312

Phone order #: 1-800-933-MINI (6464)

Mini Radiator Shroud Seal


The rubber between the cowl and radiator on all Mk1 and Mk2 Minis.

Part number: 14A7286A

Phone order #: 1-800-933-MINI (6464)

Window Dividers


For all Minis with sliding door windows. “Fancy” version features grey felt and stainless finisher on inside.

Part number: EAM8530S

SALE (reg. 19.95ea) $29.95/pr.
Phone order #: 1-800-933-MINI (6464)

Poly Bush Set For All Mini Stabilizer Arms


Tough poly bushes to replace standard rubber part 2A5875.

Part number: 2153

Phone order #: 1-800-933-MINI (6464)

New Upper Stabilizer Arm Bracket


Part number: 2A5869

SALE (reg. 9.95) $8.95
Phone order #: 1-800-933-MINI (6464)

On Sale
Austin America Reverse Lamp


Complete lamp assembly with base rubber and wire.

Part number: 54519

SALE (reg. .59) $49.00
Phone order #: 1-800-933-MINI (6464)

On Sale
Denim Shirts


With embroidered logo.

  • Ladies' short sleeve $20.00
  • Men's short sleeve $22.00
Note: Limited sizes, available only while supplies last.

Phone order #: 1-800-933-MINI (6464)

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