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Mini City is car owners helping other car owners.

Some history:
In 1967, the British Motor Corporation, faced with compliance with certification procedures imposed by the United States government, decided to discontinue sale of several cars in the U.S. market. The U.S. dealer network immediately started to evaporate. Cars that had been sold in this market were effectively orphaned, since dealers who couldn't sell cars were not eager to continue supplying parts for them.

Those of us who owned Minis and Morris Minors at the time thought our cars were too good to abandon, too much fun to stop driving, and they could go on forever if we could only get parts.
Enter Mini City. Everything the dealers could ever supply, and much more, was now available, at lower cost, to enthusiasts throughout North America.

In the years since, our philosophy at Mini City has not changed: Provide fellow Austin/Morris owners with the best products, at the lowest cost, backed by the kind of helpful service that we'd like to receive ourselves. Simple, but it works.

Thank you for sharing our enthusiasm.

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